August 2022 slipped away into a moment of time. Welcome to (Not New york) 2023, ITS BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!

It’s been a wonderful year going back to school, meeting my friends and making new ones. Turning into a clumsy teenager and becoming more and more obsessed with Taylor Swift. I mean my spotify wrapped literally screamed get away from music and get a life and accept your reality (Which I still didn’t).

I’ve completed Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo and few other dozen books.Im currently in Rajasthan, Jodhpur at my Nani (grandmothers) place and I AM LOVING IT HERE. IT IS SO WARM AND HOT HERE.

Anyway to celebrate New Year I went to a Shakti Peeth (A place where a god has been to and has left their footmark) of the goddess of happiness and prosperity. After coming back me and my mother bought a dozen of milk packets and fed over 50 under-nourished puppies and their mothers They deserved a party as much as we did. It was fun sharing this amazing and good day with them. I’d not celebrate this day in absolutely any other way. After playing with those Hamleys toy look-a-likes I came home and took a nice rest (ITS SLEEP. NO ONE CAN SAY NO TO IT). It was a first day of the year well spent..

Anyway, How did you spend your first day of 2023?




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