Flooding, thunderstorms and other fun things which happened today

Hello everyone *gets interrupted by a lighting*

I hope all of you beautiful people are doing well today. I had woken up at 5:30 in the morning to go to school and was about to end up at home

Trees crashed, thunder occurred, floods took place, cars drowned, and roads were blocked (wow looks like the gods are angry today what did I do to make you mad Zeus?)

Though the breeze is pleasant now the flooding is still there, roads are still blocked and me going to school seemed a no 😦

and suddenly my bus arrived (a gift from heaven). I reached my stop and somehow boarded the bus which had half the kids it normally had. My shoes had water, my socks were dripping, and my hair was wet I might as well be Poseidon’s daughter.

I reached my class (somehow) and only around 20 kids were there. the best part- is I had my Science exam today

so while the world was flooding, I was writing about the difference between cell and atom

well, that’s about all,

I’d love to know how the weather was at your end today ( its breezy now and really refreshing)

That’s all,



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