Interview with a fictional character

Interviewing a fictional character….A March sister!

Today morning I thought…Time to regain my title from Snigdha

I’m interviewing a March sister very close to my heart, we share the same interests, fashion sense and even hairstyle!


K- It is wonderful to have you hear Miss March,

J-It is wonderful to be here Kaashvi!

K- So first tell us a bit about yourself.

J- I am a huge bookworm who cannot survive about books *Touches a book kept next to her* Books can be a a portal to another world and I simply use them to get away from my moody, fashionable, artiste, rarely quiet sisters.

K- Speaking of books, word has it you write as well…

J- Ah yes indeed, I want to be a famous writer when I grow up.

K- So how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

J- Creative, trouble maker, tomboy.

K- Tomboy is it?

J- Yes, I actually wished I was a boy as I was extremely daring and reckless and preferred men’s clothing instead of skirts.

K- What is your fav book?

J-  The Heir of Radcliffe is one of the books I love.

K- Out of all of your sisters who are you closest to?

J- Beth, I feel the closest to her.

K- Thanks for joining us!

J- Glad I could be here!


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